Running Through the Dark: a Poetry Collection | Caleb Picone

Photo by Raphael Nogueira on Unsplash

Dark Stars

Looking at the night sky

Twinkling and dancing celestial bodies.

Thoughts of what is out there leave a sense of existentialism.

So many things to see, too far out of reach. A planet blurred through a lens,

A speck in the sky larger than our home. Such fascination

For what is in the heavens, giving light.

Removing dark fears.


thinking of

the things unseen

from which even

light cannot

save you.

Do not rely on your eyes.

Your ears.

The truth is unseen.


Ups and Downs

I travel down the wooded road,

Thinking of the reassurance you give.

You say you are mine,

and I am yours,

and nothing can change that.

It gives me hope.

Sometimes I fall victim to my demons,

changing the connotation of your words of affirmation.

How you are mine.

How much it would hurt

To see you with someone else.

How I am your world,

so, when I am hurt by what you say or do,

It hurts so much more.

If you were a stranger who wronged me,

I could cast it aside,

only thinking about past transgressions

deep in the night.

Since you are my love,

any pain coming from you

traces through each of my days.

The Edge of the Night

I live on the edge of night.

Moon rises, shadows creep

Into my room,

Pulling puppet strings.

My desire:

Cross this dark land

Into a place of redemption.

The walk is hard.

The path is hidden.

My spirit is discontent

Yet my mind is content here.

This place called

The edge of night.

Envy of the Dead

Envy of the dead

Grasps me.

They have obtained truth

Of after-death.

Truth unknown to me

But when I join them

It may be unobtainable.

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  1. I absolutely loved this. Your imagery and word pairings are done so well, you’re able to paint a picture with this poetry. I also really enjoy the theme that’s happening here, it reminds me of emotions that are masked by night, like the confessions that only happen at 2 a.m. Great job Caleb!

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